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Yuna From Final Fantasy X-2 by Tsubaki-chan Yuna From Final Fantasy X-2 :icontsubaki-chan:Tsubaki-chan 3 0
Thank You
Everything was empty
Everything was bare
Nothing left to live for
Except when you were there
I look at my past
I'm all alone
Then I look ahead
Into the unknown
I wish you would've been with me
When I was down in hell
I wish you could've held me
Right before I fell
Now it's done and over with
And now I am with you
And I really, really wish
That I knew what to do.
There is one other wish I have
Please let this one come true
I wish with all my heart..
You accept this Thank You.
:iconarowyn:Arowyn 2 12
Osculum Mecum
A moment in time,
so beautiful and sweet,
you reach for my hand,
and my heart skips a beat.  
You flash that smile,
that I can't help but love,
if only you knew,
how often you're thought of.  
You pull me closer,
and wrap me in your arms,
I must be honest,
I'm helpless to your charms.
I stare up at you,
into your eyes deep blue,
if words could express,
how deeply I love you.  
You lean into me,
whispering words so sweet,
your lips are on mine,
and my heart feels complete.  
When I am near you,
my heart just seems to melt,
as it sings with joy,
of love I've never felt.
:iconpeppermint981:peppermint981 8 37
Advertising Light by lorrainemd Advertising Light :iconlorrainemd:lorrainemd 1,347 547
Winter Chill
On cold nights like these,
I have no one to ease,
this chilled winter breeze,
this cold, lonely freeze.    
Bare branches bend,
to the midnight wind.  
The half-shaped moon lies,
in it's dark, hazy skies.
Dreaming of the day,
when I'll be able to say,
Winter no longer resides,
in my lonely heart insides.  
Pure white flakes,
fall on frozen lakes.
Everything in sight,
turns to a powdered white.
But the winter chill,
is not enough to fill,
the lonely feeling that's been,
for me, so long deep within.
On cold nights like these,
I have no one to ease,
this chilled winter breeze,
this cold, lonely freeze.    
:iconpeppermint981:peppermint981 5 14
NYXdreamsDARK by deadspirit6 NYXdreamsDARK :icondeadspirit6:deadspirit6 8 52 DigitalEnchantment by deadspirit6 DigitalEnchantment :icondeadspirit6:deadspirit6 9 100
I Wonder - DC
Sometimes I wonder what's the point
Why am I even here?
I wonder why when all I do  
Is sit & cry these tears
I wonder why I'm always wrong
Why I can't do anything right
I wonder why after all I work
I only end up causing a fight
I wonder why I even bother to try
I'll only screw it up instead
I wonder if you even know I exist
Or if this whole things in my head
I wonder if I just disappeared
Would you even think to care?
I wonder if I just never came back
Would you even notice I wasn't there?
I wonder, why I come crying to you
When you're the one who made me cry
I wonder, when it's time to leave
How I'll ever say goodbye...
:icondevilishlycrazy:devilishlycrazy 3 9
Storm Within
A wirlwind of emotion,
tears cleansing the pain.
Trapped in a ragging storm,
that I cannot escape.
No sanctuary left,
to sheild the bleeding heart.
I feel lost in this darkness,
completly blinded by rain.
Where can one go,
to hide from this wind?
When all of this storm,
comes from within?
:iconpeppermint981:peppermint981 3 19
Illumination - by rougeux Illumination - :iconrougeux:rougeux 177 90 Saffron Skies by azhrarn Saffron Skies :iconazhrarn:azhrarn 14,577 2,163 KOSMIK LIBERATION by deadspirit6 KOSMIK LIBERATION :icondeadspirit6:deadspirit6 52 243
Wait for Me
Wait for me,
sweet love,
till the approaching of the night.
I will come to you,
oh love,
in the mystic world of dreams.
I'll wrap you in the stars,
cover you with roses.
Hold you in my arms,
and give to you my heart.  
Why must this moment,
slip so quiclkly away?
So long I've waited for you,
but time won't let me stay.
Kiss me gently, my love,
for the clock is ever ticking.
Pull me closer, oh love,
for soon I will be taken.  
The dawn is approaching,
and this world I must leave.
But I will always think of you,
till another dream.
Wait for me,
sweet love,
till the approaching of the night.
I will come to you,
oh love,
in the mystic world of dreams.
:iconpeppermint981:peppermint981 3 20
Princess Peach by garun Princess Peach :icongarun:garun 2,805 495 Angel of Fire by garun Angel of Fire :icongarun:garun 89,542 13,162


Sold my tablet thinking I could get another one soon after, found out this was not going to be, and now I am sad.

I am also confused, as Physics Heaven, a piece I did in 2004 in Bryce 3d still gets favs, yet my more current stuff doesn't.  Perhaps it has to do more with my ideology going more towards story driven art rather than just experimentation within programs.
  • Listening to: Splashdown
  • Reading: Dungeons and Dreamers
  • Watching: Star Trek
  • Playing: Mirror's Edge
  • Drinking: lots of tea


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